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For many of us, Magnetique is really useful, computing often rhymes with basic: Internet consultation, light office (word processing, spreadsheet, Powerpoint …) and reading some multimedia files ( streaming series , holiday photos …).

To accomplish these tasks, you do not need to have a very big configuration. We advise you to go to Intel Atom, Celeron and Pentium processors (in increasing order of power). The former are often accompanied by only 2 GB of RAM, while the next two will be supported by 4 GB. Atom processors are to be favored for machines more oriented to consultation than production. The other two will be very suitable for all the simple tasks we have listed previously. It is also in this segment of the market that we find the most AMD processors (with the name A8, for example); they are at the level of Intel’s Pentium and Celeron series, but have the advantage of integrating a slightly more powerful graphic part.


The graphic part that accompanies these processors will always be an integrated chipset , which we recognize at Intel by the name Intel HD Graphics. These chips can only be used for playing videos (up to the definition Full HD) and incidentally to run titles in the Windows Store.


Storage capacity can also vary greatly, ranging from 16 GB to 1 TB. To make the best choice, analyze the use you make of your future machine. If the use is confined to the occasional consultation, 16 GB may suffice. But as soon as you plan to install programs and back up files, upgrade to at least 64 GB. Magnetique Hair reviews on our website.

The screens size of these machines is particularly variable, ranging from 10 to 17 inches. Note, however, that those with Atom processors have mostly slabs between 10 and 12 inches. Again everything will depend on what you expect from your machine, small diagonals are more to reserve for consumption of content and they accommodate well the low definitions while the diagonals of 15 and 17 “will be much more appropriate for the production. magnetique hair growth reviews.